Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Bonfire Buffalo - Calling - Animated Music Video

Animated on a Music Video with my buddy Keenan
for Bonfire Buffalo.
Keenan handled Art Direction and storyboards and I animated/edited.
The band were amped for something like Limbo/Tim Burton.
Drew inspiration from Jess Copes work.

Big thanks to the band Ivy, Carl and Ewoud for having us on board.
 You can buy the album here. 

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Cancer Dojo - Indiegogo Campaign

Assisted Cancer Dojo with some animation etc for their Indiegogo Campaign.
Was awesome working with Conn Bertish, Karien Cherry and Adam Lifshitz.

March & April Work Omnibus

Animation concept pitched to Woolworths for their "Little World" Campaign

Some unused character designs for an animated explainer.
(client wanted generic characters)

 Did some animation for GetSavvi.

Did a few rough keys and clean up animation for Tincup Studios
Cradle of Mankind Exhibition:

Pitched some animation to CocoZone.

 Part of a pitch to Woolies for Fathers Day 2017

Technical Drawing I did for CTC of a Hydraulic Breaker

Animated a bluebird for a Health Care Companies Logo.