Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Shark Spotters

Pitching an animated short to Shark Spotters.
Below are some shark designs which I included with a story treatment/pitch.

OFM Pitch

Pitching some animated shorts to OFM, featuring corny vegetable puns.
Hoping to animate these kinda characters with topics including the importance of growing organic vegetables, supporting local markets as well as food waste and food security.


August/September Animation Work

Animated & storyboarded part of an animated short for Pharma with Tincup Animation.
As well as an animated short for MAC Makeup.  Some screen shots below until animation is released:

Nandos Mic Design

Designed a Mic Stand for Nandos with Tintoy.
Had to stick to the "brand" look so couldn't go too wild.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Pre pitch explainer video doodles

Worked on an animated explainer pitch with Tintoy for Sanlam. 
Client was keen for a look similar to the animated intro of the film Catch me if you can.