Saturday 14 December 2019

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

Working on an animated short film for Allana Convey :)

Amaze Rigs

Prepped and rigged Jim and Jane for animation for for some potential future projects for their channel:


Acellular Vaccine Character Designs & Test Animation

Worked on some character designs and test animation for Seventh Chakra Films next Documentary:

Luck Raptor Films Raptor Design

Was commissioned to draw line work of front and profile views of Lucky Raptor Films Mascot from their pre-existing logo below for some future animation:

Rio Rancho Pictures - Bonnie O' Claire Animation & Logo

Coming Soon...

Worked on some short form animations for Rio Rancho Pictures of their mascot Bonnie O'Claire:

Art Direction by Keenan Gaybba



Singita Grumeti Fund - Eric the Rhino - Animation


If each one of our followers donated just $5 this #GivingTuesday, together we could define the future success of an entire species.⁠ •⁠ Singita is helping the Grumeti Fund raise $500,000 to support the translocation of five Eastern Black Rhino to the Serengeti – but we can’t do it alone.⁠ •⁠ No contribution is too small – whether you are able to donate $5 or $5,000, every penny raised will go toward the planning, infrastructure, security and technology required to ensure that our grandchildren, and their’s, will get to see black rhinos roaming free in the Serengeti long after we’re gone.⁠ •⁠ To make a donation or find out more about this project, please visit the link in our bio.⁠ •⁠ #RhinoRelocation #RhinoConservation #SaveTheRhinos⁠ #SingitaGrumeti #GrumetiFund #Tanzania #Serengeti #WildlifeConservation #SustainableTourism @GrumetiFund
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Some Animatic options explored before final animation: